Small steps for a big difference

It's the little things that count for us. We develop our mostly delicate products with a love of detail. Our value culture is characterised by attentiveness, mutual trust and respect. And when it comes to sustainability, we also take many new steps every day to continuously make our products more environmentally friendly, to reduce our ecological footprint and to ensure good social standards in our own company and with our production partners. Why do we do this? Because fairness, environmental protection, social and economic justice are important to us. We like to care. That is why sustainability has been a driver of our entrepreneurial trade for more than 10 years: Because we care.

Sustainability has many facets and so does our approach

Our responsible actions are reflected in a large number of measures and initiatives that consistently contribute to the five fields of action of our sustainability strategy. In doing so, it is our constant from the selection of materials for our products to social justice in production and a positive effect on the to a positive effect on the environment and the community.


They are beautiful and safe. We continuously apply the highest quality standards to our products and production processes to keep them that way.

Supply chain

We are conducting our business in an ethical and lawful manner. We work with partners who commit to a sustainable future.

Social matters

We focus on building long-term and innovative programs that will have a lasting, positive impact for people connected to our products.


Several programs have been initiated to keep our footprint small. All items that are currently being ordered are co2-neutral to name only one example.


We build lasting structures – socially, environmentally and economically. We stand with all people and together with our partners we improve the lives of many.

Our We Care projects are more than just a pledge – here’s what we have already achieved:

Save resources

We are continuously working to increase the proportion of recycled material in all our products. To this end, we have defined rules on how the use of raw materials from the recycling cycle (recyclates) is to be taken into account in our production. In the case of our sunglasses, this already accounts for 75% of the frame material. This saves natural resources and the CO2 footprint of our goods will be further reduced by approx. 30% within the next 3 years.

Social Empowerment

beeline is the largest supporter of OXFAM Ireland and this strong partnership has been in place since 2009. Oxfam is a global relief and development organisation and works for a just world without poverty. The support is provided through the provision of unsold items that OXFAM sells in its own SIX4Good shops and the goods have generated over €1.5 million in sales in 2019 alone. The profits are used to support women in Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and other countries in particular. In the picture is Ng'washi Shimba (left) from Tanzania, who runs a small farm together with others, supported by OXFAM. This gives the women a livelihood outside the sisal season.

More about our partner:

Neutralise CO2

With an annual CO2 report, we constantly measure our footprint and thus know where in the process we can optimise. In recent years, we have gradually reduced our CO2 emissions in production and the supply chain. What is still emitted, we compensate within the framework of our partnership with Project Togo. This means that all items ordered, from raw materials to our warehouses, are CO2-neutral. Through the social project Togo, more than 280,000 trees have already been planted, read more here:

Share experience

With the invitation to the Vision 2045 Summit as part of the World Climate Conference, our commitment to greater sustainability was also receiving international recognition. The selected companies have committed themselves to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and shared their experiences at the conference.

More about Vision 2045:
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Together we can make a positive impact on society and the world we live in.

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