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Small steps. For a big difference.

Our success is based on the relationships we build. With our partners, who challenge us to grow with their social and environmental goals. With our customers, for whom more sustainable products are important. With our suppliers and their employees, who deserve fair working conditions. With our planet, which is unique and worth protecting.

That is why we are on a mission: our Sustainability Mission 2025. With this mission, we are continuing our efforts to become a more sustainable company, taking a holistic approach to governance, social and environmental issues. Among other things, we are working hard to make our supply chain more transparent, to safeguard human rights and to make manufacturing safer.

“It is a huge challenge to act responsibly in this industry. But we want to do better: human and workers’ rights have been at the core of our sustainability efforts since 2008.” 

Katja Daniels
Katja Daniels
Team Manager Corporate Sustainability

Our fields of action 

Achieve more transparency

We strive to make our production chain more transparent. Since we started business, we have wanted to know as much as possible about the making of our products. For us, transparency is the foundation for any sustainability efforts. As of 2022, we have achieved transparency on tier 1 and tier 2 – among more than 180 production units that we work with. Put simply, we know 100 % of our suppliers and our suppliers’ suppliers. Going forward, we want to achieve transparency that includes raw material stages.

Safeguard human rights

We want employees to work in a safe environment – our own employees, as well as workers in the production chain. Building on trusting relationships with our suppliers, we have intensified collective efforts to achieve fair working conditions. We support suppliers in ensuring compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct. Step by step, we want to achieve a supplier monitoring rate of 100 %. As of 2022, we monitor 87 % of tier 1 production units and 71 % of tier 2 production units. In the future, we particularly strive to improve the communication channels for workers to share their feedback and grievances through a Supplier Complaints Line. We have set up a complaints procedure through "Speak Up". It enables us to identify human rights and environmental risks along our supply chain at an early stage and to remedy potential violations of our Supplier Code of Conduct.

“Sustainability is not a nice-to-have anymore. If you don’t prepare your business for sustainability today, you won’t have one tomorrow.” 

Harald Steber
Harald Steber
Corporate Sustainability Manager

Improve manufacturing safety

We are committed to fostering a safer manufacturing environment. This is why we have begun to introduce sustainable chemicals management through the ZDHC's Roadmap to Zero Programme. We aspire to become leaders in implementing these standards within the fashion jewelry and accessories industry. We are currently adapting the requirements for our production sites, with a focus on making processes such as plating, coating, and gluing less harmful for people and the planet.

“We take responsibility for our suppliers and their employees. They deserve fair and safe working conditions, as we all do.” 

Manoj Kumar Dhamija
Manoj Kumar Dhamija
Team Coordinator Corporate Sustainability

Contribute to climate protection

We want to reduce our climate impact. We calculate our greenhouse gas emissions and take measures to reduce them. For example, we consume renewable energies at our sites and have started introducing E-mobility for our fleet. In addition to that, we support climate protection projects. The largest contribution goes to our partner natureOffice and their climate protection and development project in Togo.

Reduce waste generated

We use resources responsibly. Among others, we ensure the re-use of unsold products. A large part of these goods are sold to trading companies, which re-sell them in countries not directly serviced by us. A smaller part is re-sold in cooperation with Oxfam Ireland. Since 2009, they sell our products in their charity shops across Ireland and, through this, fund their work on ending poverty and injustice worldwide. In 2022, Oxfam raised around 955,000 € by re-selling our unsold products. In addition to that, we work on increasing the share of recycled materials in products and packaging. For example, jewelry boxes that are made with plastics contain a minimum of 30 % recycled materials in the plastics share.

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