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Sharing beauty. Guided by respect.

We at beeline are on a mission to make beautiful jewelry and accessories accessible to everyone. We fulfil this mission guided by a culture of respect that defines us as a whole: respect for the people who love to wear our products, for their wishes and possibilities.

Respect for the needs and challenges of our business partners and suppliers. Respect for the beauty and vulnerability of the environment we all share. And, of course, respect for those who spread joy by giving their best every day: our unique team of creatives, strategists, and merchandisers around the globe.

What strives us most

Facts & figures.

The success story we have written together with our partners started decades ago. As pioneers in our industry, we developed the groundbreaking concessions concept for fashion accessories back in 1991. Since then, we have established strong brands and successfully branched out from Cologne to expand worldwide. We remain on a sustainable growth course to this day and are now one of the largest fashion jewelry and accessories companies in the market.


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Proud to present: our people

We believe that by putting our people first, everybody wins. More than 3,000 employees are driving the success of beeline – and, therefore, the success of our retail partners. Meet some of our colleagues and dive into the unique team spirit that makes our company tick, whether it’s in management or field service, in our headquarters or one of our other locations.

What makes us unique

Making sustainability work

There is no beauty in a world out of balance. We work hard to leave a positive impact on nature and society, from choosing environmentally friendly materials for our products, to advocating fair production conditions, to supporting ambitious sustainability projects.

What is important to us

Ready to partner up?

Retailers of all kinds benefit from a beeline partnership: fashion and shoe stores, drugstores, groceries, discounters and perfumeries. We are always open for new cooperations and markets. Let’s figure out how we can increase your business per square meter together!