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Turn heads. Boost your turnover.

What if you could turn unused store space into a new feel-good spot for your customers – and into a vibrant, additional source of income for your business? We provide you with the complete setup for a product presentation that makes exactly that possible. Our visual merchandising, packaging and display solutions ensure maximum attention and attractiveness, adapting perfectly to the individual requirements of your sales area.

Modular display solutions

What's it going to be for you: making the most of half a square meter of stand space or opening up an elaborate “store within a store”? A clean white fixture or an opulent Disney princess-themed shopping island? Whatever your answer, we have the display system that fits your needs and integrates seamlessly into your store. Expandable in a modular way, quickly set up by our Mobile Merchandisers, suited for multi-brand and cross-category offers at your request. The innovative displays developed by beeline are unmatched in the market and open up opportunities you will find nowhere else.

Packaging and visual merchandising

Whether it’s a special holiday offer or one of our high-profile cooperation collections: the display layout designed by our visual merchandising experts catches the eye and sells the product – without the need for any active involvement on your part. Of course, this also applies to the continuous maintenance and stocking of the displays, which is handled by our Mobile Merchandisers.

A valuable product presentation starts with the packaging. Most of our articles are applied to handy cardboard cards which cause little waste and, in combination with the marketing signage on the display, can be used to stage diverse topics that immediately grab your customers’ attention. 

Making your POS shine

This is how we do it.

Ready to partner up?

Retailers of all kinds benefit from a beeline partnership: fashion and shoe stores, drugstores, groceries, discounters, perfumeries and pharmacies. We are always open for new cooperations and markets. Let’s figure out how we can increase your business per square meter together!