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Time to shine. Our on-site service.

Our Mobile Merchandisers bring the proven beeline concept to life in your store time and time again. Thanks to our comprehensively trained on-site service teams you enjoy the good feeling of having a passionate companion supporting your business success for the long term.

Passionate allrounders you can trust

The beeline product displays unfold their full potential when they are sufficiently stocked, well-maintained and always send the appropriate marketing signals. Ensuring this takes hand, head and heart in equal measure. This is where our Mobile Merchandisers come into play. They clean, tidy up, restock, decorate and take inventory according to clearly defined, proven procedures, and backed by smart technologies.

Team consistency for true partnerships

We care for our people and believe in true commitment. That’s why we don't hire our Mobile Merchandisers from third-party agencies but employ them permanently at beeline and train them in courses lasting several weeks. Our on-site colleagues stay with us for a long time and can thus build long-term relationships with you. They will never be in your way – but always at your side when you need them. They have and take the time to make the beeline offering really shine in your store.

Always the right products

The restocking of sold products by our Mobile Merchandisers is based on data-driven insights into the purchasing behavior of your customers. You don't have to worry about anything: you always have the certainty that the right merchandise is available exactly when you need it – down to the level of each single store.

The combination of comprehensive on-site service and intelligent supply planning ensures continuous sales. This benefits your business as well as the environment, as the amount of unsold goods is reduced.

This is how we do it.

Ready to partner up?

Retailers of all kinds benefit from a beeline partnership: fashion and shoe stores, drugstores, groceries, discounters, perfumeries and pharmacies. We are always open for new cooperations and markets. Let’s figure out how we can increase your business per square meter together!