With a clear conscience

Health is a top priority - especially when it comes to jewelry and materials worn directly on the skin. This is why we have established strict guidelines compliant with European and American regulations. Thanks to continuous research and close contact to the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), we continuously adapt our regulations to current laws. Regular product tests by renowned laboratories and on-site quality managers working directly for beeline help ensure that our guidelines are met. To protect our customers and those who manufacture the jewelry.

Our concern for quality doesn't stop at the materials used. Our quality managers check all production samples and, working with the suppliers, investigate new production technologies to continuously improve quality. So our customers will continue to "shine" with our products for a long time to come.

The beeline quality standards

International quality

All products are subject to strict EU and US guidelines, and we always comply with the stricter directive. For instance, our jewelry is produced in compliance with the stricter US regulationss on lead.

Nickel-free jewelry

Our products are manufactured in compliance with EC Directive 97/24. This directive sets threshold values for products that come into prolonged contact with the skin. Articles that release no more than 0.5µg of nickel per cm² are considered nickel-free. This nickel exemption must be guaranteed for a minimum of two years with normal use of the product.

Lead-free jewelry

beeline products are lead-free in accordance with the US guideline in force since August 14, 2009, i.e. less than 300ppm of lead content in the basic material, e.g. metal or plastic, and less tmhan 90ppm in surface material, e.g. varnishes.

AZO-free textiles

All our textiles are AZO-free in accordance with the consumer goods act. According to this guideline, no more than 20 mgr AZO-fabrics can be used per kilogram. Our suppliers are bound to complying with this threshold value.


Frames and lenses in the beeline sunglasses collection are tested for toxic components and eye tolerance. Our sunglasses offer UV 400 protection and comply with the DIN standard EN 1836:2005+A1:2007.


REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) is a chemical regulation in effect in the European Union to regulate, limit and promote long-term research into chemical agents. As an importer of finished products, we are not obliged to register. We conduct ourselves in compliance with REACH nonetheless. We pay close attention to the ongoing discussion about so-called SVHC agents and commit our suppliers to not using these or using them only at amounts of less than 0.1%. We check compliance with these regulations by means of product tests and fulfil our consumer-information obligations in the event that the values are exceeded.