Our thank you to society

We want to give back part of our success to the community. That's why we donate a certain percentage of our profit every year to social institutions. The following projects are especially close to our hearts.

beeline helps

HIV therapy in Africa

This project arose from the personal friendship between beeline founder Ulrich Beckmann and missionary doctor Dr. Lydia Kersch, who has been active in various African countries for over 20 years. After some initial difficulties, she can now provide her patients with highly effective antiviral therapy, offering them a new lease on life and the energy they need to provide for their families. Our donation financed the construction of a hospital and the laboratory so necessary for this therapy.

beeline also assumes the cost of training - over several years - for two nurses, a social worker and a medical student.


Millennium village Gandhiji Songha in India

The "Millenniumsdörfer" (millennium villages) project sponsored by German Agro Action aims to sustainably improve living conditions in poor areas. The integrated approach of German Agro Action played an important role in our decision. This is directed not just toward individual measures, but instead seeks to strengthen the entire region over the long term and includes all aspects of life. Help for self-help is always at the forefront of these activities.

beeline supports the millennium village Gandhiji Songha in northeast India – one of the country's poorest regions. In just two years, improved cultivation methods, the construction of wells, a school lunch program and other measures have led to a considerable improvement in living conditions there. Due to the 60% increase in crop yields, inhabitants have seen their incomes rise, and 95% of all children now attend the newly built nursery and primary schools.