One World

Our social responsibility doesn't stop at national borders. As one of the leading suppliers of fashion jewelry, we have an opportunity and, in our view, the obligation, to prevent every kind of exploitation.

Since 2001 we have been committed to ensuring that the country-specific labor laws and conditions are adhered to in the countries of production. We view our suppliers as partners and work together with dedication, empathy and awareness to implement our Code of Conduct.

All of our production units are visited periodically by beeline GmbH appointed auditors, who reside in the respective countries of production. During their audits, they check the compliance with our Code of Conduct. Any violation has to be improved within a reasonable timeframe given by beeline GmbH and the corrections will have to be confirmed by beeline GmbH.

Our Code of Conduct in this area applies not just to beeline itself but to our entire production chain. Our customers can rest assured that the reasonable prices of our products have not been "paid for" in some other way.