SIX – from Cologne to the whole world

Finding your own style, expressing your personality, showing your individuality – these are what make fashion fun! And this was already true in 1998, the year our first fashion brand SIX saw the light of day. The first SIX store opened back then in Cologne. The concept “trendy fashion jewelry and textile accessories at affordable prices” struck home. Other shops soon followed in Germany, and later on across the whole of Europe – always in touch with the latest fashion trends, in prime city locations.

Variety and inspiration – SIX impresses millions

Today, SIX can confidently point to its 139 stores and 2,787 concession areas in 19 countries. With trend topics that change every week and accessories presented in a high-quality and imaginative way, SIX is a regular source of inspiration for many stylish women and men to reinvent themselves and their style again and again, true to the motto “This is my SIX”. To keep delighting our customers in the future, the SIX team is constantly in search of new surprises, future trends and the best styles, from urban street style to new classics.

Visual merchandising – a winning store concept.

Copenhagen, Paris or Barcelona? SIX is always nearby! Because SIX is at home wherever trends are born and live: on the streets of international metropolises, across the globe. Thanks to its unique visual merchandising concept, customers experience the same captivating world of SIX accessories wherever they are in the world. Whether in Asia, Europe or America, each shop has an atmosphere that offers a heart-and-soul welcome to all customers, that invites them to stay, to browse and to discover.