Working for beeline – our spirit makes the difference

We believe that growth, innovation and economic success are most effective where the unconventional and imperfect are allowed, or are even expressly desired.

After all, no idea – however magnificent – ever began perfectly. Growth and agile development often need us to embrace our imperfections. Therefore, people with courage, who perhaps have an unconventional resumé or a unique character, or who are even career-changers, are absolutely welcome! beeline’s global success is therefore no accident, but rather the result of an active corporate culture and the joint effort of more than 4,200 beeliners.

Whether in our headquarters at the International Service Center “ISC” in Cologne, in the beeline Logistic Center “BLC”, in our 139 stores, or in our 24,050 concession areas – for our beeliners we’re more than just an employer: we’re a professional home. A home where all human facets are accepted and respected, where you can flourish, evolve, and surpass yourself. Creating the spirit and the organizational conditions for this is a key aspect of our management culture. We achieve this through flat hierarchies, short channels and transparent communication. And with principles in which we clearly define our expectations for managers and employees.

Are you a person with some quirky idiosyncrasies? Do you feel drawn to people and companies that exude a unique spirit? Welcome to our world!
Teamwork, passion and responsibility are the best foundations for a promising career with beeline. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a youngster or in the 50-plus group, male, female, mother, father, single, with or without a migrant background – we offer interesting professional prospects for every person and every way of life. In addition to appropriate, performance-based pay, we offer excellent benefits and an attractive working environment.