Welcome to our International Service Center!

Our ISC is the beeline headquarters and offers a wide variety of career and entry opportunities. This is where all strategic, planning and administrative business divisions of the beeline group come together. In addition to Management, our departments Purchasing, Marketing, IT, HR, Controlling, Merchandise Management, E-Commerce, Logistics and many more are in action here. All 470 beeliners at the Cologne site follow a shared objective with their heart and soul: securing beeline’s success and growth for the long term and delivering the best possible service for our staff, business partners and customers.

Do you appreciate new challenges and dynamic markets, and crave a working environment with a unique spirit – then you should get to know us!

Thinking globally, acting locally

Our National Service Centers, NSCs, are our national branches on the ground and therefore the extended arm of our International Service Center, ISC. We have NSCs in twelve countries. From here, we support the implementation of our concepts and provide valuable sales support, especially for the fields of Concessions and Retail. Our beeliners in the NSC are professional points of contact for our customers, partners and staff. They form the bridge between local, country-specific expertise, on-site service and the ISC’s strategic goals.

As varied as the national customs, practices and trends may be, the spirit at our NSCs is the same everywhere: open, authentic and warm. 

Energy-efficient, innovative and high-performance – the beeline Logistics Center

How do we manage to get millions of products to any location in the world at the right time every year? Our BLC – a fully automated and almost energy-self-sufficient Logistics Center in Kalk, Cologne – and a total of 214 employees make it possible. Together, we manage to make a collection spanning all brands available to our partners and stores around the globe. Every beeliner has an important role to play, as every step of the work perfectly meshes with the other steps. Team spirit and fun at work are definitely part of the package. In the BLC, beeline offers careers and entry opportunities for many occupational profiles and career models within logistics.