Store Manager

Our Store Managers don’t just manage an I AM or SIX store. They’re a role model, coach and leader in one. A really good Store Manager is able to inspire their team to give its very best performance, time and again. In addition to strong leadership qualities, they are clever businesspeople who strive to beat yesterday’s sales record every day anew. To do good things even better and to optimize processes is a challenge they are happy to be measured by. They don’t beat around the bush – they seize the initiative and push their stores to the top of the market.

Do you have Store Manager qualities? Then find out more about your tasks here:

  • Productive selling calls for the perfect implementation of our visual merchandising concepts, courteous service and well trained employees. Welcome to your world – this is where you create a basis for your success.
  • You keep track of the sales figures in your store as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – after all, your success is measured by the improvement of these results.
  • You manage the operational business confidently and make sure that your store runs perfectly, from the moment it opens to closing time. You keep cash desk and inventory differences as low as possible.
  • Inventory management falls under your responsibility and should always meet the needs of your store. Here, you nurture a direct line of communication to your District Manager. You perform inventories following defined standards and guidelines.
  • You carry out HR management from the recruitment of your Sales Assistants and staff planning to personnel development – at the same time you keep track of all your employees’ strengths and systematically use and develop existing talents. Staff scheduling is also a central element of your work. You ensure a good balance between monthly sales figures and your staffing costs and take effective measures to guarantee optimum efficiency.
  • Last but not least, you’re a role model and you put the beeline values into practice with conviction and passion. You are the DNA of our success.