Headquarter & Locations

The career opportunities at beeline are as multifaceted as our jewellery. Whether in our Cologne headquarters (ISC), in our beeline Logistic Center (BLC) or in one of the many national subsidiaries (NSC) worldwide - our doors are open to you!

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International Service Center (ISC)

Our International Service Center (ISC), the beeline headquarters in Cologne, is where you will find the management and various departments, including purchasing, IT, HR, e-commerce, finance and many more. Take a look around and find your next challenge:

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National Service Center (NSC)

beeline is an international company and is therefore well represented in many countries around the world. With our National Service Centres (NSC), we are represented in Barcelona, Paris and Atlanta, for instance, where we function as the extended arm of our ISC. This is where we are looking for motivated employees for various tasks - from HR to key account management through to IT - in order to guarantee the service for our customers and business partners on site. Click through our vacancies and find your next job:

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Beeline Logistic Center (BLC)

Our beeline Logistic Center ( BLC) – a fully automated and virtually energy self-sufficient logistics centre in Cologne. It is from there that we are able to jointly deliver a global range of collections across all brands. Everyone has an important role to play here, because each work step interlocks perfectly with the others. We also have a logistics centre in Atlanta, which helps to deliver millions of products to the right place at the right time every year. beeline offers you career and entry opportunities for many job profiles and career models within logistics at the BLC. Click and see for yourself - we're looking forward to seeing you!

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