Add to cart – discover your online opportunities with beeline

As a global player, not only are we represented in 53 countries, we’ve also established ourselves online. Besides concessions, retail and franchises, E-commerce is a crucial pillar for beeline’s future viability.

The online business follows different rules to in-store POS, so we’ve begun to transfer our expertise from concessions and retail to the Internet. With huge success, as our experience shows. Online, we’ve also stayed true to our strength in service and the concessions principle of offering the best sales opportunities with zero risk.

Zero risk – huge opportunities!

As our online partner, you have the opportunity to enhance your product range with no risk at all. beeline supplies you with the perfect product mix, tailored towards your individual shop. The product risk remains with us. We deliver the products to you in neutral individual packaging, so they’re ready for you to ship right away.

We support you in creating professional content with professional image and text material – search engine optimized, inspiring and innovative.

Contact us for personal advice. We look forward to supporting you with our potential.