Privacy policy

At beeline GmbH, we take the protection and security of data provided by customers and website users very seriously. This data protection statement explains what information and personal data we collect during your visit to our website and how we use this information.


1. When you visit our website, we save the following in a log file:

  • the domain name or anonymized IP address of the requesting computer;
  • the date, time and duration of the visit;
  • the file request of the client (file name and URL);
  • the http reply code;
  • the website from which you have accessed our website; and
  • the volume of data transferred.


Access events are registered on a temporary basis for reasons of data security. This ensures the stability and operational reliability of our system while protecting it from possible external attacks. We also statistically evaluate the anonymized data in the ongoing effort to improve our website.


2. In the continuing effort to improve our website design – and for purposes of advertising and market research – we create usage profiles based on your "usage data." Pseudonyms are assigned to these usage profiles. Usage data comprises the personal data required to facilitate your use of our website. This includes characteristics that identify the user (particularly the user’s anonymized IP address), information about the start and end times and about the scope of use of our website, and information about files you have downloaded from us and pages you have visited. The usage profile is created and a pseudonym assigned to it. In other words, the usage profile does not reveal the identity of the user to us. We do not associate any other user data with the usage profile. You can decline to have usage profiles created based on your usage data. To do so, please send a message to or opt-out here.


3. We cannot identify any particular user based on the data specified under Items 1 and 2. No attempt is made to draw inferences about the user’s identity from this data. The data is not provided to third parties.


4. To continue to improve our website and to create usage profiles with pseudonyms (see Item 2), we use cookies. Cookies are small files sent by our web server to your browser during your visit to our website. These files are stored on your computer. The next time you visit our site, your browser sends the cookies back to us; this permits automatic recreation of settings or entries by you.


5. You can visit and use our website without revealing further personal data. If you wish to access specific services or functions, though – subscription to the Newsletter or Jobletter, entry in prize contests, submission of inquiries, etc. – we require you to provide personal data such as your name, your address, your telephone number or your e-mail contact address. In the case of restricted areas, like e. g. the Press Center, the user name and password are requested in addition. If you no longer wish to use the service or function, imply send us a message and your data will be deleted immediately. The contact address for the respective service or function is stated on our website or in an e-mail sent to you. You can also send us an e-mail addressed to


6. Your data will only be saved and used for the purpose stated in this data protection statement or during collection of this data. Data will not be used for other purposes or provided to third parties without your consent. You can revoke such consent at any time. Simply write us at the contact address provided, and your data will be deleted immediately. You can also send us an e-mail addressed to


7a. Personal data within the application process

Our website also provides a jobs section where visitors can apply online for vacant positions or submit unsolicited applications.

For the creation of a candidate profile it is necessary that you provide at least your first and last name, e-mail address and your country of residence. Within the application you need to provide your telephone no., how you did hear about the position and your CV. Later you can voluntarily add further job relevant information to complete your candidate profile.

Due to creating a candidate profile the beeline human resources department will have access to your data in the respective scope. You have three possibilities to enable access to your data within the candidate profile. You can change this setting at any time.


1. To consider me for open positions worldwide

Your data will be shared within beeline worldwide for filling open positions. All employees of beeline who are in involved in the filling process or who are looking for candidates will have access to your data.


2. To consider me for open positions in my country of residence

Your data will be shared for filling open positions of beeline entities within the country of your residence. All employees of beeline who are in involved in the filling process or who are looking for candidates will have access to your data.


3. To consider me only for positions to which I have applied explicitly

Your data will be processed only for filling the specific position you have applied for. In this case only those employees of beeline who are involved into the recruiting process for this particular job, will have access to your data.


If you have created a job alert within “Saved Searches/Alerts” you will be informed about current job offers automatically via e-mail.


7.b Duration of data storage referring to the candidate profile and the application process

Even if we cannot to offer you a job, beeline GmbH is interested in keeping your data and documentation in order to consider you for vacancies advertised in the future. The same holds true for unsolicited applications for which we cannot offer you a suitable position at this time.


If you do not delete your candidate profile data you indicate a declaration to retain your documents beyond the specific application process. In this case, your data and documents will be kept also after the three months after sending a rejection letter.Your candidate profile and application data will definitely be deleted due to inactivity () after six months. You can subsequently inform us via e-mail to that you no longer wish us to hold your documents. Your data and documents will then be deleted as soon as they are not legally required anymore.


8. Your data will be stored carefully and handled in confidence by our employees. Your data will be disclosed to state authorities only under legal or court order. You are welcome to write to inquire about the data we have on file about you. Please contact


9. Declaration of consent

By clicking „Accept” you declare that:

You explicitly agree to the collection, processing and usage of your special types of personal data which you have provided according to the descriptions in this data protection statement and that you agree to the storage of your personal data in accordance with the described deadlines.


In case you provided special types of personal data within your application (including those contained in attachments) you consent that those will be treated in the same way as described within the sections “Personal data within the application process” and “Duration of data storage”.


Without your consent we will not create a candidate profile nor collect any data.