We think and act sustainably

To us, practicing corporate responsibility also means treating nature and resources with respect. Our collections change quickly, but our approach is geared toward longevity and sustainability.

Sustainable production

We promote environmental awareness among our suppliers and see to it that no agents are used for production that pose a risk to workers or the environment.

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CO2 optimised transport

We are striving to switch our transportation from the air to the sea. This is how we have considerably reduced CO2 emissions in our logistics chain over the past few years.

Recyclable packaging

We systematically feed our packaging materials into the recycling process. We are currently working to develop biodegradable packaging, product cards and sales bags.

Energy management

We ensure that our actions are energy-efficient and encourage our employees to be environmentally aware - in our Cologne headquarters as well as in our stores and local companies.

beeline helping to help

We support various social projects with donations.