Entry opportunities

At beeline, the right point of entry is there for every level of experience. Whether it's on the road as a member of our sales force or in one of our national or international offices.


In the retail sales area, beeline offers jobs in over 264 SIX and I AM stores. Here, a feel for decoration and merchandise presentation is just as important as sales skills are. As a Sales Assistant, you can join us part- or full-time. Anyone with a few years of experience in retail and in human-resources management can lead his or her own team as Store Manager. beeline also provides junior managers an opportunity to assume responsibility for their own store and provides them with the appropriate support.


The concessions principle is unique and offers unique job opportunities. Here, we sell our accessories on the retail sales areas of our sales partner. As sales are processed by our partner's checkout, our concession employees can dedicate themselves entirely to decoration and merchandise presentation. 


To support our employees in retail and concessions, beeline has several National Service Centers and an International Service Center in Cologne (beeline headquarters). Here, the various departments provide support for all processes concerning the sale of our accessories.

In each country or each group of countries, we therefore offer jobs in the areas of Finance and Controlling, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Expansion Management and Visual Merchandising.

Our International Service Center in Cologne also offers opportunities for careers in the areas of Procurement, Brand Management, Marketing & Communication, IT and Logistics.

Mobile Merchandiser

As Mobile Merchandiser, you are responsible for ensuring that our merchandise fixtures in our partners' sales areas are always equipped with the latest goods and appropriately decorated. A job as Mobile Merchandiser therefore requires a certain feel for colour and decoration.

Mobile Merchandiser - as the name suggests - should also be mobile, as they are usually responsible for several branches within a certain area or town. You should therefore enjoy being active rather than sitting in an office all day. In contrast to working in an actual beeline store, you do not however require any sales abilities. We leave the sale of our goods completely in the hands of our sales partner - this is what makes the concessions principle special.

Our Mobile Merchandisers are nevertheless always close: to the customer, to our goods and our partners. You perform the important basic work and represent our company in daily business.

Store Manager

As Store Manager, you are responsible for the optimisation of processes and results of a store (SIX or I AM). This also includes managing and motivating employees. As Store Manager, you also ensure that the decoration guidelines are implemented in your store and that the storage room and merchandise fixtures are optimally stocked. Suggestions for improvement are expressly welcomed in all areas!

To manage a store, you require a few years of experience in the commercial field, preferably in retail. Leading a team to success naturally also requires a certain amount of experience in managing personnel. To reinforce the management qualities of Store Managers, beeline also offers an internal 'Leadership Programme'!

District Manager

beeline has District Managers (DM) in retail as well as in the concessions area. As a DM, your main tasks include the continual optimisation of the district's results in accordance with the sales targets, personnel management and development and the implementation of company guidelines and the relevant processes in the district. As DM, you should work proactively and independently on the achievement of your district's goals. Innovative approaches to problem-solving are in demand here.

As DM at beeline, you should also have a feeling for form and colour. After all, beautiful things are our business!

When you are not on the road as DM, you will work in your own home office. beeline will provide a car and the necessary equipment for the home office.

Visual Merchandiser

As Visual Merchandiser, you are responsible for the overall appearance of the Points of Sale (stores or concessions areas) in a specific area. You ensure that corporate identity and brand guidelines are implemented and adhered to. The decoration of our sales areas should always be up-to-date, appealing and, of course, should promote sales.

Our Visual Merchandisers work closely together with the field team and provide training and coaching with regard to Visual Merchandising and decoration. You should therefore have an open and communicative personality.

As well as a feel for decoration and current trends, a Visual Merchandiser requires a high degree of flexibility. The VM is on the road four days a week and spends one day in his or her home office.

Creative Buyer

At beeline, the Creative Buyers are responsible for the development and purchasing of the various collections. As a team, future trends are analysed and incorporated into the collection.

In order to track trends, you visit trade fairs and exhibitions or simply let yourself be inspired by the flair of the major fashion hubs.

The Creative Buyers determine colours, shapes and materials for their collections and pass this information to our suppliers. Price negotiations with suppliers and demand analyses are also among the important tasks of a Creative Buyer.

Your creativity and style-consciousness have been reinforced in fashion design studies or comparable training. As well as creativity, you should also possess sufficient analytic and conceptional skills.

beeline Jobletter

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